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Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions for partners in the leather industry. We reach this goal by being prompt and adaptive in meeting market demands and by assisting our customers with excellent technical service throughout all stages of our processes. We know how to stay ahead of the times, proposing innovative technical and chemical solutions, as well as more sustainable use of natural resources for the whole industry. We respect our employees and always aim to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders.

Environmentally friendly products and production processes are not a question of image. They are vital for the future of our industry. It is ours and our customers’ responsibility to operate in a manner that is compatible with the best ecological and environmental practices. Taking these factors into consideration is a focus of MARSPLUS developments in the field of application processes, chemicals and dyes."



The Engineers of MARSPLUS carry out the proses by starting with the use Wet Blue leather, includind-in case it is necessary-the phase of the '' BEAM HOUSE'' Our MARSPLUS Laboratory has all the characteristics of a tannery in miniature that, thanks to the use of our products in particular formulations, it gives the customers the leather he desires.


MARSPLUS Laboratory is always able to create finishing articles that are appriciated by the exponents of most important fashion world labels.


This control is made through physical tests on the leather in production and finished. This kind of control is directly made on the incoming raw materials and on the manufactured products.


Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

Jade, as consumers focus on balancing their mental and physical health, nourishing natural greens remain relevant. Jade is a timeless mid-tone with transseasonal appeal and a blue undertone that gives it a calming and grounding quality. A prized mineral in Asia with a rich history, Jade is connected to the heart chakra and is associated with wisdom, courage and equality. The stone has a beautiful milky quality, with streaks of green running through it.
Honeycomb, injecting a sense of uplifting warmth and nourishment. Honey has been prized for thousands of years, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Today, we are reacquainting ourselves with the previous quality of honey and it's association with the protection of our natural environment and preservation of agriculture for future generations. Use this color as directional bright or pair it with shades of ochre and brown.Apply it to metallic finishes and glossy surface to add lustre.
Dark Oak, a timeless and grounding shade which has a nostalgic undertone inspired by antique and lacquer finishes.
Dark Oak
Rich, dark blues play an important role this season, driven by the desire for small luxuries. A renewed interest in historical pigments and the origins of color has a direct influence on this hue.
Lazuli Blue
Orchid Flower plays perfectly into the theme of small luxuries and precious things that come from nature. This highly valued tropical plant is admired for its beutiful, long lasting flowers and distinct scent. Reimagine this magenta pink in lustrous materials, metallic and reflective surfaces.
Orchid Flowerr

Trends of Colour

As we move into A/W 22/23, we foresee an attitude of positivity in tough times and a desire to indulge in small luxuries. This is an evolution of S/S 22’s embrace of everyday pleasures and an impulse to give into the senses. A period of crisis has refocused our thoughts on what we value most and encouraged us to reset. Time with friends and family feels more precious and possessions have deeper meaning. As a result, the colors of A/W 22/23 have an authentic, rich mood and a grounded optimism.



Founded in 1993, Auco Chem & Co shows today a true strenght in the market of chemical products. Always at the customer service, Auco Chem & Co tries to make achievable the customer’s needs as well as those of the market. Auco Chem & Co avails itself of a dynamic and effective technical staff ready to respond to the most various wishes and requests of its customers in order to solve their problems.



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